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Your Morning Coffee

PiPress: Woodbury cracks down on indoor-park abuse. Business users are squeezing out the hoi polloi. MPR News: St. Paul whistleblower tags CVS for nationwide Medicaid fraud. Duluth News-Tribune: City worker OT still a nagging issue (but maybe so should be… Continue Reading →

Your Morning Coffee

PiPress: As you bask in our January thaw this weekend, ask yourself where all this snow is going to go come the spring melt. “The Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport sees an average of about 56 inches of snow in a… Continue Reading →

Who Is Getting Rained On?

Sounds like quite the storm over the Twin Cities at present. How are you folks doing? A few are getting hit hard: jalbus 10:17pm: head for high water, mpls! God must really be pissed at something us sodomites have done… Continue Reading →

Look out for Flying Monkeys

Holy hell! Check out this video of a tornado in Campbell, three hours northwest of the Twin Cities, tearing down a home on Saturday. “Oh, no. Oh, no. Oh, no no no no.”

Eeew.. Hot and Humid

Here’s a cute little explanation of how humidity effects us, care of WCCO: According Park Nicollet Dr. Mark Seaburg, our sweat doesn’t evaporate well when it’s so humid outside. “It comes out of our pores, but it doesn’t go into… Continue Reading →

Monday Monday Monday

We’re happy to have Dude Weather back on LOL-OMG!, but enough with the clouds already!

Don’t Expect this Season to Be a Breeze

Don’t freak out when you heard that loud siren a-blaring. We’re not being bombed (hopefully); it’s just the tornado drills readying us for what promises to be “more active severe weather this spring and summer.” Minnesota and Wisconsin are preparing… Continue Reading →

The Smell of Rotten Fish Fills the Air

(via MPR) Thousands of dead fish‚Äîmostly dead carp weighing up to 20 pounds‚Äîlittered a bay on Lake Shetek, packed in by the wind. Even fin to fin, they covered an area nearly the size of a football field. A crew… Continue Reading →

Fishermen Reel in a Lunker — a GMC Pickup

Ever wonder how to fish a pickup out of a lake ‚Äî especially when the ice freezes over it? Melissa Hahney’s GMC pickup truck was fished out of Lake Vermilion last Friday. Check out the video. Ain’t Minnesota grand!

The Twin Cities Gets All Hot And Dirty

Unfortunately, I’m talking out our air, as we are once again under an air quality alert, from today through Saturday. Does it seem to you that we have had a lot more of these latey? You’re right. Paul Douglas expains the weather behind… Continue Reading →

Fargo Begins Its Flood Fight

Fargo Mayor Dennis Walaker declared a state of emergency yesterday before melting snow brings another potentially massive flood to Fargo and Moorhead. The declaration is a formality that will allow city officials to apply for federal assistance if the Red… Continue Reading →

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