Leave Social Media to the Pros, like DeRusha

Jason DeRusha dosn’t agree with Don Shelby’s assertion that social media, rather than informing us of important news, mainly tells us who is eating a ham sandwich right now. “For kicks,” writes DeRusha, “I went to the Twitter search engine… Continue Reading →

Marsh Reveals DeRusha’s Neat Little Cosmology

Check out Steve Marsh’s MSP Magazine piece on Jason DeRusha. (Really, read the whole thing!) DeRusha is known as the Internet savant of local television news. This is repeated enough that it‚Äôs sort of annoying‚Äîjust because he blogs in multiple… Continue Reading →

Mischke Scores 10pm WCCO Spot

“WCCO-AM just announced Tommy Mischke‚Äôs hire on Dave Lee‚Äôs morning show,” writes David Brauer, “only the first of what will be many head-snapping juxtapositions for AM830 listeners. (It’s like pouring a shot of Wild Turkey in your oatmeal.)” Mischke,¬†as predicted,… Continue Reading →

“Dark Star” Host Ends 20-Year+ Tour

According to WCCO, “George Chapple, who is better known as Dark Star, accepted a buyout from the radio station on Tuesday.” Chapple hosted ‘Sports Night with Dark Star’ from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. He has been on the air… Continue Reading →

WCCO Gets Wired

(via LOL OMG!) Thursday was a big day at WCCO TV as they finally released their social media/news platform called the Wire ( WCCO gave a preview of the Wire to about 50 social media junkies last October). So, what… Continue Reading →

DeRusha’s Good Question Goes Digital

Even Jason DeRusha was impressed by this one. And why wouldn’t he be? WCCO purchased space on a digital billboard and is using it to promote the Good Question each day. Anybody seen it yet? “I’m glad my 1st billboarded… Continue Reading →

R.I.P. Darcy Pohland

(via WCCO) Longtime WCCO-TV reporter Darcy Pohland died overnight. She was 48 years old. Pohland was discovered by a personal care attendant Friday morning at her home in Minneapolis. She had apparently died in her sleep. Her cause of death… Continue Reading →

Did WCCO Really Publish This Article?!

WCCO asks, “are Minnesotans sick of winter?” Yeah, no shit we are. Aren’t we sick of winter every year, about two or three weeks into it? “We’re tired of it but I’ve been living here for 24 years, so it’s… Continue Reading →

Bye-bye Shelby, Hello ??

Flip on that radio today, between 1 and 3pm, when that snow is falling, and turn to WCCO-AM 830, as Don Shelby saunters down the home stretch of his nine-year hosting gig with WCCO Radio. Shelby, who began his 32-year… Continue Reading →

TC Media Now

David Brauer points out a site called TCMedia Now (and points out that it’s got Mark Rosen in bell bottoms.) Also: Dave Moore’s final broadcast. So what is the site? From their home page: TCMedia Now is Twin Cities broadcasting… Continue Reading →

The Dunk Tank

Despite an FEC investigation into illegal campaign spending, MNspeak’s favorite WCCO reporter, Jason DeRusha, won ‘CCO’s shameless popularity contest after a long and grueling campaign. Personally, I think the whole thing would have been much more entertaining if there had… Continue Reading →

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