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U of M Drafts New Ethics Policy – and Encourages Your Input

Wow. We live in a new era indeed. The University of Minnesota, currently in the process of rewriting its ethics policy, has put a draft online for all to see and comment on. Really? Why does this surprise me so?… Continue Reading →

U of M Law Library Now Has Clarence Darrow’s Letters

(via Mary Turck, News Day) Clarence Darrow‚Äôs letters now live at the University of Minnesota law library, thanks to Darrow historian Randall Tietjen and Darrow‚Äôs granddaughters. The New York Times reports that the library released the first 473 letters last… Continue Reading →

Authoritative Parents Encourage Family Meals

I never cease to be amazed at how many people I know did not regularly sit down for family meals in their youth… nor now. This was such an important time for my family, where ideas and chitchat were exchanged… Continue Reading →

What if a Beer Could also Hydrate?

When I saw the PiPress headline “Minnesota Senate supports watered-down beer ban at TCF Bank Stadium” I honestly thought they were considering selling watered down beer at the stadium. Granted, it was rather late, and I was working on three… Continue Reading →

U of M Alum Wows Britain

Nick Clegg, the front runner for British PM, is a U of M alumnus. Sure, “he is a product of a wealthy family, educated at an expensive private school and at Cambridge.” But he was also a postgraduate student at… Continue Reading →

Sports & Booze — Ya Know?

Not even a year ago, the University of Minnesota asked that alcohol be banned at TCF Stadium. Now, a Senate panel is looking into undoing the law that led to the ban. Surprise. The proposal from Democratic Sen. Dan Sparks… Continue Reading →

Thieves target experimental U of M grapevine

Industrial espionage? Sabotage? A new tact for home wine-making? [via Strib via KSTP:] [University of Minnesota’s Horticulture Research Center] spokesman Peter Moe says the thieves apparently knew what they wanted. He says someone stole samples from vines that are being… Continue Reading →

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