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Leave Social Media to the Pros, like DeRusha

Jason DeRusha dosn’t agree with Don Shelby’s assertion that social media, rather than informing us of important news, mainly tells us who is eating a ham sandwich right now. “For kicks,” writes DeRusha, “I went to the Twitter search engine… Continue Reading →

A Little Pat on the Back.. with Rememberances

Granted, it was motivated by yesterday’s post about her Book Signing/Reading Rager, but I just have to share another Amber-Colored Life post with you today ‚Äî just because it’s about MNSpeak, of course (and the glory thereof). Back in the… Continue Reading →

Welcome to the Summer of Looking Fiiiiine

The gals (and boys) of Twitter have made more headlines ‚Äî this time in terms of style. Yes, it’s the #summerofdresses, people, and the #summerofdapper. And the PiPress is all over this one. Nicole Weiler, a nonprofit worker predisposed to… Continue Reading →

DeRusha Nabs another Title

DeRusha has gone and done it again. *yawn* No, no, I’m joking, of course. We love DeRusha! And clearly, so does City Pages ‚Äî and the local Twittersphere ‚Äî as he has just been named Best Tweeter 2010. He tweets… Continue Reading →

Tweet Away

“How Many Tweets Are Too Many?” asks @jojeda, using up one more tweet for the day as he points to us an Agency Spy post. Julio Ojeda-Zapata tweeted 15 times yesterday, so I wonder if that’s an acceptable number. I… Continue Reading →

Daddy & I Met on Twitter…

Twitter as the new eHarmony? Seriously?! WTF? Twitter Guy and I first communicated via Twitter on July 29th. We bantered for about 6 weeks before we met in person, and truthfully, it made the first meeting much less pressure filled…. Continue Reading →

Does Twitter Make You Drink?

Disclaimer: We do not take responsibility for any hunger pangs or thirst created during the watching of the video. KARE-11 does a story on local companies using social media. The stars: Surly and Punch Pizza.

Blame It on Twitter

Perfect Porridge interviewed Jora Deziel, “public & media relations coordinator for the acoustical marvel known as Xcel Energy Center and the horrendous echo cave known as Roy Wilkins Auditorium,” as part of its SXSW: State of Music Blogs in 2010… Continue Reading →

Weekend Twitterings that Will Make You LOL

LOL OMG! is really blowing it out of the water ‚Äî in a good way. They’ve been posting great stuff all week long, but their Weekend Twitterings had me rolling on the floor, like ROFL and all. Did I really… Continue Reading →

Twin Cities Restaurants Offer Deals on Twitter

The Chicago Examiner gives us a list of the top Twin Cities Restaurants on Twitter. Azia Restaurant and Caterpillar Lounge Barbette Brit’s Pub Bryant Lake Bowl Burger Jones Dakota Jazz Club Firelake Restaurant La Belle Vie Manny’s Steakhouse Pizza Luce… Continue Reading →

Careful with Your Tweets!

Twitter posts have become an issue in the Minnesota state Senate race. Republican Mike Parry apologized Wednesday for comments he wrote on the social networking site Twitter. In May, he wrote that President Obama is a “Power Hungry Arrogant Black… Continue Reading →

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