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What MN Artist Should Have a Reality TV Show?

Minnesota Original asks the question.

Local Television Takes a Hit

With all the talk about the so-called demise of the newspaper industry, little attention has been given to other mediums, like local television. But John Reinan now offers us a look at TV’s current financial crisis as their revenue fell… Continue Reading →

Yada yada yada… Lost

OK, so I’m not a big fan of television, and I have yet to watch a single episode of Lost, but I’m guessing that’s all anyone is going to be talking about today, so have at it. Here’s a little… Continue Reading →

Who Better to Parody “Hung” than Diablo Cody?

Diablo is at it again ‚Äî with full-on sexy shit. Ok, well, sex anyhow ‚Äî a tight twat parody of Hung. If you haven’t seen Hung, the series about to start its second season on HBO, it’s about a guy… Continue Reading →

Right in the Stands

It’s hard to believe ‚Äî since it never quite caught on in the past ‚Äî but it seems the visual trend of the year is 3D, 3D, 3D. Last month, Best Buy even started selling 3D televisions. 3D televisions? Do… Continue Reading →

On the Air: TV Shows Produced by the Homeless

[Multimedia Collaborative] is almost entirely composed of people who are homeless or have been homeless.¬† Alvarenga recruits trainees through his church and from homeless shelters. Alvarenga said he hopes to help them develop skills that can result in employment in… Continue Reading →

3 Minnesota Students in Jeopardy

(via Strib) Three Minnesotans ‚Äî Samira Missaghi, 22, of Eden Prairie (University of Minnesota); Danny Vopava, 19, of New Brighton (University of Wisconsin, River Falls), and Nick Yozamp, 20, of St. Cloud (Washington University in St. Louis) ‚Äî are among… Continue Reading →

Any recommended bars for “Lost” fans Tuesday night?

Hi, my reception for Channel 5 went south yesterday (can’t afford cable), and I was wondering if any bars cater to “Lost” fans in Minneapolis, or St. Paul.¬† Please help, otherwise I won’t have an excuse for my wife to… Continue Reading →

Do You Want the Facts or an Expert Opinion?

Do you have an itch for TV fame? Check out Barataria’s latest post. Erik Hare asked the Twitterverse what it takes for someone to get on TV.¬† “It started as a curiosity,” he explains, “but I had a purpose.¬† There… Continue Reading →

Throw Away Your Television

You end up zapping through the channels without finding anything you’d like to watch? Either the content seems more ridiculous than ever or you’re just overwhelmed by the mass of never-ending commercials! Seriously, how often would you like to smash… Continue Reading →

Poor Li’l Deprived Kiddlings ‚Äî everything’s bad

Things to consider as you’re purchasing holiday gifts for young children: too much TV is bad; too much sugar is bad; too much melatonin is bad; too much antimony is bad. That about sums it up. Oh, yeah, and it… Continue Reading →

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