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Leave Social Media to the Pros, like DeRusha

Jason DeRusha dosn’t agree with Don Shelby’s assertion that social media, rather than informing us of important news, mainly tells us who is eating a ham sandwich right now. “For kicks,” writes DeRusha, “I went to the Twitter search engine… Continue Reading →

MinnPost Unofficially Tumbles (in a good way)

News from MinnPost, via East-Lake Tumblr: bigboxcar: We are unofficially posting some stuff to minnpost.tumblr.com. I ditched the RSS feed dump (it was horrible), and teamed up with Corey to start tumblin‚Äô. If you do follow the MinnPost Tumblr, please… Continue Reading →

A Little Pat on the Back.. with Rememberances

Granted, it was motivated by yesterday’s post about her Book Signing/Reading Rager, but I just have to share another Amber-Colored Life post with you today ‚Äî just because it’s about MNSpeak, of course (and the glory thereof). Back in the… Continue Reading →

Hurray, Technology! Hurray, Communication!

So, apparently, a young girl used Facebook to call for help after her mother’s ex-boyfriend tried to sexually abuse her last Saturday. According to WCCO, “the girl told police she had woken up in the past to find [42-year-old Raymond… Continue Reading →

Is the Internet Eating its Own?

Fast Horse, a local boutique consumer marketing agency, tells us the internet is now eating its own. The biggest culprit? Facebook! Facebook, the latest Web sensation, is becoming the preferred news source of tens of millions of Internet users. Facebookers… Continue Reading →

Food for Thought: Where Do Media Stories Come from?

Deets after Dark posts the following quote from Danny Sullivan’s piece “How the Mainstream Media Stole Our News Story without Credit.” Bloggers generally explain how they discovered a news item. As a result, bloggers also set themselves up for accusations… Continue Reading →

Who Wants Privacy Anyhow?

As Facebook privacy issues cause users to consider quitting Facebook and closing their accounts, Just Judy Judy Judy says, “No, I’m not going to quit using Facebook, you idiots.” As an early adapter, Judy is an avid fan of social… Continue Reading →

Are We Oversharing?

“Privacy seems to be at the top of everyone’s minds right now,” says A Day in the Life. “If you haven’t been paying attention, Facebook is taking a lot of heat for its relatively lax approach towards their users’ privacy.”… Continue Reading →

Franken Slams Facebook

Franken thinks Facebook is bad. What do you think? OK, really, he’s just trying to protect your privacy. His criticism is based solely on Facebook making personal data available to third-party companies. “Specifically, the senators expressed concern over recent changes… Continue Reading →

DeRusha Nabs another Title

DeRusha has gone and done it again. *yawn* No, no, I’m joking, of course. We love DeRusha! And clearly, so does City Pages ‚Äî and the local Twittersphere ‚Äî as he has just been named Best Tweeter 2010. He tweets… Continue Reading →

Tweet Away

“How Many Tweets Are Too Many?” asks @jojeda, using up one more tweet for the day as he points to us an Agency Spy post. Julio Ojeda-Zapata tweeted 15 times yesterday, so I wonder if that’s an acceptable number. I… Continue Reading →

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