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St. Paul Cop Caught in Love Triangle

A decorated St. Paul police officer has been charged with two counts of harassment and unauthorized computer access in what appears to be a love triangle of sorts. Twenty-eight-year-old officer Jessica Phillips, who was apparently getting it on with another… Continue Reading →

Co-Ed Dorms Promote Risky Behavior

Look out, students! The great conspiracy to segregate the sexes is at it again. According to MPR, “a University of Minnesota researcher says students living in co-ed dorms are much more likely to engage in risky sexual contact and drinking… Continue Reading →

Dear creepy men of Minneapolis

A blogger responds to men who stare at her: I know you‚Äôre looking at my butt, and I don‚Äôt find it flattering. You are the reason I want to wear nothing but extremely baggy sweatpants and sweatshirts, like I did… Continue Reading →

Making Love in the Twin Cities

Wondering how your neighbors are doing, romantically speaking? I just glanced at I Just Made Love, which allows people to check in when they’ve completed, er, coitus; looks like the University of Minnesota is where most of the action has… Continue Reading →

What the freakin’ hell?

Sure, I’ve always wanted to start a fan page for Minnesota-born Vince Vaughn. And I have met native son Josh Hartnett and would like to discuss it. I suppose I have always wanted to know if there are any nude… Continue Reading →

Hot public sex

It’s illegal (although it may be sort oflegal in bathrooms. It’s popular among athletes. It’s popular in parks. It frightens St. Paul-based restroom critics. Your opinions? Condemnations? Recommendations?

Let’s Keep The Sex Talk Flowing!

I’m doing my part to avoid politics here. So a Hennepin County judge doesn’t know what a lap dance is? Who wants to join me on a fact-finding mission to try and define the lap dance?

Sex Games

In this week’s City Pages, Jim Walsh heads over to St. Paul to chat with Kelly Rued of Black Love Interactive, creators of the first erotic multiplayer game. Their project, Rapture Online, will be released next year, and Rued was… Continue Reading →

Two Cops Walk Into A Strip Club…

In an unusual task for Minneapolis vice, two lucky cops got to spend $10K in strip clubs in four states, all for the sake of research. “The two laid down cash for cover charges and spent thousands for lap dances,… Continue Reading →

Time To Do Something

A 22-year-old sex offender was working the halls in Stillwater, pretending to be a student. It reminds me of the story last week where St. Paul wanted to put GPS tracking on all these sickos, to keep track of them…. Continue Reading →

Diablo Watch, Day Six

My Google News Alerts for “Diablo Cody” have only delivered two reviews so far: Strib & PiPress (both positive). But there is a new interview via Suicide Girls, full of tantalizing tidbits: “In Minneapolis there are so many clubs that… Continue Reading →

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