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Eeew.. Hot and Humid

Here’s a cute little explanation of how humidity effects us, care of WCCO: According Park Nicollet Dr. Mark Seaburg, our sweat doesn’t evaporate well when it’s so humid outside. “It comes out of our pores, but it doesn’t go into… Continue Reading →

Calling Mom Is Like Getting a Hug

Apparently, the simple act of calling your mother can trigger the release of oxytocin, the “cuddle” or “love” hormone, released during physical contact with people we care about. That’s right, it’s a phone hug of sorts. Oh, but wait, that’s… Continue Reading →

One more Nun Brain for the Nun Study

An 102-year- old School Sister of Notre Dame died Sunday at the religious order’s convent in Mankato, but her brain will continue her work on this earth. Back in 1986, 678 elderly nuns agreed to participate in what is now… Continue Reading →

Do tattoos mean good genes?

Anthony McCarthy, of Echidne of the Snakes argues against a Boston Globe piece that suggests that “tattoos and piercings are actually signals of biological quality” ‚Äî based on body symmetry. Interesting… I don‚Äôt know about the folks these people measured,… Continue Reading →

UMN professor debates creationist

The Daily covers yesterday’s debate between blogger/atheist/UMN-Morris biology professor PZ Myers and Jerry Bergman, a professor at Northwest State College in Ohio, on the topic of whether or not Intelligent Design should be taught in schools. I’m going to go… Continue Reading →

Norman Borlaug, RIP

This weekend saw the death of Norman Borlaug, University of Minnesota Alum, father of the Green Revolution, and a man who may have saved a billion people from starving to death.

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