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Your Morning Coffee

HuffPo: T-Paw has Plans, including Google testing applied to government services. You’d think he was running for President or something. (MinnPost gets into the details.) City Pages:  “Are so!” “Am not!” (And the Poynter Institute offers up some advice: “How… Continue Reading →

Make Your Drinking or Dining Experience a Good One

“How much do we, the customers, contribute to bad service without even knowing it?” asks Vita.mn’s Alexis McKinnis. “Is there a way to help guarantee good service and avoid an awful experience?” Ryan Ecklund, a server at Crave in St…. Continue Reading →

Azia’s Last Week and Wondrous New Beginning

(via Downtown Journal) True to his word, Thom Pham has succeeded in prepping his new restaurant space for a late summer opening. Less than three weeks after showing off the 10,000-square-foot space at 533 Hennepin Ave. S., which at the… Continue Reading →

Azia Restaurant Will Close… er… Move?

Big BUZZ on Twitter: mplsmaven Apparently, he’s opening a new resto called Wanderers and will be downtown. –> RT @DeRushaEats: Azia Restaurant will close at the end… 2 minutes ago via HootSuite MimiJ612 Holy Twitter Buzzzzzzz #azia 8 minutes ago… Continue Reading →

Emmer’s Fight Against Overpaid Servers Sends Strib Columnist in Search of Pay Raise

Though the TC Daily Planet article on Emmer’s “noble” fight against the Minnesota’s “overpaid service industry class” seems to have miraculously disappeared (too much controversy?), Strib columnist Jon Tevlin relates his adventures as he sets out to get one of… Continue Reading →

Would You Spend a $100 Minimum to Sit on a Patio?

“Outdoor restaurant seating has exploded in Minnesota recently, for a variety of reasons,” writes Bill Roehl at Lazy Lightning. Really? A variety of reasons? Doesn’t this happen every year? We spend eight months out of every year entirely cooped up;… Continue Reading →

Occhiato Leaves D’Amico

According to foodie Stephanie March, chef John Occhiato is leaving D’Amico Kitchen. After 11 years in the D’Amico hive, helming the Cucina for¬†a good chunk¬†of it, John Occhiato is out as chef at DK. The buzz on the street was… Continue Reading →

Ichiban sacks kitchen staff after they walk out

As reported on WCCO, the kitchen staff at Ichiban Japanese Steak House walked off the job Friday to protest working conditions and a request to split health care insurance costs.¬† The general manager wasted little time, going to Craigslist to… Continue Reading →

How Much Are We Spending on Food?

The Deets points us to Bundle.com’s Food Spending in the Biggest U.S. Cities. We don’t spend as much money on food as the people of San Fransisco, but we’re out-spending New Yorkers… and we don’t walk nearly as much, so… Continue Reading →

Haute Dish… mmmm

Have you been to Haute Dish yet? I haven’t tried the food yet, but the drinks are FANTASTIC! And Heavy Table’s Susan Pagani seems to approve all around ‚Äî pointing out that it’s, perhaps, not very vegetarian friendly. We started… Continue Reading →

Lunch in the Park: Sea Salt

It should be a fairly nice weekend, and the Sea Salt Eatery (nom nom) is open for the summer, so here’s a review from Lazy Lightning to inspire you a bit. Good things: the chalk board menu, the pickled herring,… Continue Reading →

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