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New Cure for Garden Pests — the big ones

About to pull out that gun, crossbow, or bat to kill those pesky garden eaters? Think again. MinnPost’s Sharon Schmickle tells us of a new scientific development from the University of Minnesota. The news is that scientist Thomas Levar at… Continue Reading →

Loving Sex Causes No Harm to Teens

Great news for teens; but parents might not like the first part. According to City Pages, A new study co-authored by University of Minnesota sociobiology professor Eric Grodsky has found that sex with a steady girlfriend or boyfriend will not… Continue Reading →

Ovulating Women Buy Sexier Clothes

A research study from the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management has found that ovulating women unconsciously buy sexier clothes. The study finds that ovulating women unconsciously dress to impress – doing so not to impress men, but to… Continue Reading →

U of M Drafts New Ethics Policy – and Encourages Your Input

Wow. We live in a new era indeed. The University of Minnesota, currently in the process of rewriting its ethics policy, has put a draft online for all to see and comment on. Really? Why does this surprise me so?… Continue Reading →

Authoritative Parents Encourage Family Meals

I never cease to be amazed at how many people I know did not regularly sit down for family meals in their youth… nor now. This was such an important time for my family, where ideas and chitchat were exchanged… Continue Reading →

Sweet Sweet Sounds

A new study analyzing the musical preferences of more than 250 college students at the University of Minnesota is getting to the bottom of why certain combinations of notes sound sweeter than others. There was a strong preference for harmonically… Continue Reading →

Calling Mom Is Like Getting a Hug

Apparently, the simple act of calling your mother can trigger the release of oxytocin, the “cuddle” or “love” hormone, released during physical contact with people we care about. That’s right, it’s a phone hug of sorts. Oh, but wait, that’s… Continue Reading →

Bears May Have the Key to Our Hearts

The University of Minnesota is usually engaged with some pretty cool, groundbreaking research, and this time it’s all about bears. Ok, hearts really, but bears are the key. Yes, black bears hibernate all winter ‚Äî and their hearts stop and… Continue Reading →

One more Nun Brain for the Nun Study

An 102-year- old School Sister of Notre Dame died Sunday at the religious order’s convent in Mankato, but her brain will continue her work on this earth. Back in 1986, 678 elderly nuns agreed to participate in what is now… Continue Reading →

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