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Being a Good, but Active Parent?

Parents (or frequent babysitters): What do you do with your kids to get out of the house? My wife and I have a 4-month old and we catch cabin fever pretty frequently. But kids cry and can make being in… Continue Reading →

Authoritative Parents Encourage Family Meals

I never cease to be amazed at how many people I know did not regularly sit down for family meals in their youth… nor now. This was such an important time for my family, where ideas and chitchat were exchanged… Continue Reading →

Warning: Don’t Toss the Baby

We’ve all seen parents ‚Äî particularly fathers, for some reason ‚Äî toss their babies in the air, catching them as they stare on, startled, supposedly amused. And well, I’m pretty sure I’ve heard this is not OK. Makes sense, even… Continue Reading →

Depressing Truth for a Thursday Evening

@BobCollinsMN tweeted a few minutes ago: Suicide is the second leading cause of death of kids in Minnesota. Right here. Not Vancouver. Right here. And then this: Some stories should lead Minnesotans to say “we need to do what we… Continue Reading →

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