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Calling Mom Is Like Getting a Hug

Apparently, the simple act of calling your mother can trigger the release of oxytocin, the “cuddle” or “love” hormone, released during physical contact with people we care about. That’s right, it’s a phone hug of sorts. Oh, but wait, that’s… Continue Reading →

St. Paul named worst city for moms

This just in via email: The Daily Beast just posted a list of cities that celebrate their moms year round. Factors that went into these lists include the number of mothers per capita, quality of education, child care resources, maternity… Continue Reading →

Don’t Let a Nipple Get You Worked Up

Last December a mother was thrown out of a Target store for breastfeeding her child. This week, employees of Maplewood’s Old Country Buffet tried to do the same to a St. Paul mom caring for her child. Only she wouldn’t… Continue Reading →

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