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That other Minneapolis “Eat Street”

It’s all in a days’ work. Andy Sturdevant, via Heavy Table, traverses the length of 38th Street from breakfast to nightcap.

Your Morning Coffee

City Pages: War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength. Duluth News Tribune: Casey’s to challenge Subway over use of “footlong.” Elk River Star News: Alcohol most abused drug in Sherburne County. Park Rapids Enterprise: Letterman lampoons the Park… Continue Reading →

Two Couples with Strong Local Ties Make Stellar Wines in Lebanon

[via Strib] Oh, gosh. The photo alone is gorgeous and a picture of paradise:

Your morning coffee.

Strib: Yeah, about that Dome thingey … It might not be until April before its repair is completed. PiPress: “Animal mounting” means something entirely different in Minnesota (vs. Wisconsin) but it can still get you arrested. Daily Planet: You’ll be… Continue Reading →

Four courses of 100% Minnesota food

Episode 26 of the Perennial Plate is posted on MPLS.TV.  Scrumptious!

The fine art of fine chocolate

Colin Gasko is one man chocolate operation in Northeast Minneapolis. His company Rogue Chocolatier is the first in the Upper Midwest to produce true artisan chocolate, and gets a write up in Cool Hunting.

Eating for England eats at the Hmong Marketplace

If you weren’t ready for lunch, here you go.¬† Eating for England, an English girl living who explores food in the states (primarily Minnesota since she lives in Minneapolis) recently read up on the Hmong Marketplace in St. Paul and… Continue Reading →

Former Minnesotans re-create the MN State Fair experience in NYC

[via PiPress]: “It just reminds us of back home a bit,” said Jen Wise, 27, a University of Minnesota grad and the group’s food scout. “We love New York City, but there are still some things that we miss.” The… Continue Reading →

Make Your Drinking or Dining Experience a Good One

“How much do we, the customers, contribute to bad service without even knowing it?” asks Vita.mn’s Alexis McKinnis. “Is there a way to help guarantee good service and avoid an awful experience?” Ryan Ecklund, a server at Crave in St…. Continue Reading →

Who Wants Risky Raw Milk?

According to MPR, Minnesota dairy farmer Michael Hartmann ‚Äî whose products allegedly sickened eight people with E. Coli ‚Äî is taking his case to court today in hopes of being able to sell his products again. Hartmann estimates that he… Continue Reading →

7 Food Carts Approved in Mpls, 7 More to Come

A couple months ago, I came across this lobster shack in downtown Minneapolis. Yes, street food! Yum. One of the things I’ve missed most about New York. Now, I don’t know much about city regulations and who can or cannot… Continue Reading →

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