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Your Morning Hangover

CityPages: Designer drug claims one in Blaine; 10 additional people, 16-21 years old, are hospitalized. PiPress: On our list of Minnesota hazards, we can now add “flying deer.” MinnPost: MPR sets out to debunk KSTP’s “Welfare Waste” investigative series. Strib:… Continue Reading →

Your Morning Coffee

MinnPost: The MN Department Health says these are chemicals we do NOT need want in children or pregnant women (or, frankly, your own body). But they’re in every-day things. Strib: No metro casino? And budget reality sets in for the… Continue Reading →

How Much Cocaine Can You Use in a Lifetime?

“What to do when police confront you after you just bought $22,000 worth of cocaine?” asks a PiPress article. “Tell them it’s ‘enough to last a lifetime.’” I guess that’s one way to get out of charges for conspiracy to… Continue Reading →

Tainted Cocaine Kills Two

More tainted cocaine has hit the Twin Cities, so watch yourselves and keep your noses clean. Cocaine tainted with a potent veterinary medicine has caused neutropenia in as many as five Minnesota drug users, including two who died, the state… Continue Reading →

Warning for Whitey: Buying Marijuana Can Kill

Yesterday morning, answering a question posed by Morning Edition host Cathy Wurzer, Mayor Rybak blamed gang violence on middle class whites who purchase marijuana. “What fuels a gang? Where is the money right now? It’s in the marijuana trade. Where’s… Continue Reading →

Nurse Syphons Morphine

A 26-year-old registered nurse was arrested at Coon Rapids Mercy Hospital after she posed as a nursing student and stole morphine from patients by siphoning it from their IV with a syringe. Resourceful? Or just plain wrong? None of the… Continue Reading →

You Shouldn’t Have to Bend over in Public

Ok, I’m pretty sure ‚Äî or at least I hope ‚Äî that it’s not OK for police to take me to the back of their squad car and do a cavity search right there; but someone please tell me, what… Continue Reading →

Whatever You Say

“Imagine, hypothetically, that there is a drug,” writes Merton Sussex in the Diary of Fools, “This [odorless, colorless, tasteless] drug is derived from a widely-available wild plant native to your region … Once it’s in your system, it more or… Continue Reading →

Ventura’s Book Calls for the Legalization of Marijuana

Last week, former Gov. Jesse Ventura promoted his upcoming book, American Conspiracies: Lies, Lies, and More Dirty Lies that the Government Tells Us, with a Huffington Post column “in which he decries the ‘staggering’ hypocrisy of the Obama Administration in… Continue Reading →

Project Big Freeze Sweeps up Foreign-born Bad Boys

Over the course of one week, from January 17th to the 24th, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has made 476 arrests ‚Äî 26 of them in Minnesota ‚Äî in a nationwide sweep targeting gang members dealing in international drugs… Continue Reading →

Milk, Bread, and Ecstasy

Robbinsdale resident Thongsay Prommachai, 28, has pleaded guity on charges of distributing 4000 ecstasy pills in mid October at a Cub Foods parking lot in Crystal, MN. Huh? Really? In a Cub Foods Parking lot?! How do you unload 4,000… Continue Reading →

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