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Local Girl Scouts might refuse to sell cookies to protest camp sales

Cookie Monster not happy. [Strib] Area Council mergings, a declining membership, and lifestyle changes, have made some Girl Scout campgrounds redundant. But plans to sell four of its 12 campgrounds upset the Girl Scouts of Minnesota and Wisconsin River Valleys… Continue Reading →

Your Morning Coffee

PiPress: As you bask in our January thaw this weekend, ask yourself where all this snow is going to go come the spring melt. “The Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport sees an average of about 56 inches of snow in a… Continue Reading →

Your Morning Coffee

South12th: This is an awesome winter if you are twelve and have a shovel for tunneling. I swear the snow piles in the Sears parking lot near the Capitol are thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis big. Mitchster: Chutulu, or the Flying Spaghetti Monster, seen… Continue Reading →

The morning coffee

Winona Daily News: [via Bluestem Prairie] WSU English professor Chuck Ripley thinks that if Rep. Steve Drazkowski is serious about making English the official language of Minnesota, Draz’d better remember to remove all that Latin from state statutes, too. Bologna…. Continue Reading →

Franklin Stretch Set to Transform into American Indian Cultural Corridor

With one of the highest urban concentrations of Indians in the country, the small stretch of Franklin Avenue in Minneapolis ‚Äî heart of the American Indian Movement in the ’60s and ’70s ‚Äî is a logical site for an American… Continue Reading →

Macalester Students Use Soccer to Globalize Kids

Leave it to well-traveled crunchy Macalester students to teach the country ‚Äî or at least the Twin Cities ‚Äî about the rest of the world. And leave it to soccer to serve as their vehicle. When Macalester College student Danny… Continue Reading →

Business in Minneapolis; Culture in St. Paul

“According to Mediaweek, St. Paul is the cultural center of Minneapolis/St. Paul,” writes Tim Brunelle. The Minneapolis-St. Paul market, once two markets until 1986, is one of the geographically largest, reaching into western Wisconsin. It‚Äôs home to 19 Fortune 500… Continue Reading →

Brant Kingman’s studio to be closed.

This could truly be one of the biggest losses in the Minneapolis art scene.¬† I will truly miss the events at Brant Kingman’s studios which were some of the most amazing, fantastic things to behold and participate in.¬† Here’s the… Continue Reading →

TC ‘Celebs

Nothing better to do? Why not look up famous people’s names in the TCM results? The only person I could find in the marathon results was the Svenomenon (4:08:18) – so I guess those ads weren’t just a showcase for… Continue Reading →

U of M Athletes Among Academic Worst

On Sunday, the Star Tribune published the results of a study they conducted on the academics of the athletic programs at the University. Public records show that the U admits more athletes with ACT scores below 17 than every school… Continue Reading →

Suburban Dining

Even as trendy restaurants start to expand outside the city, suburbanites say they don’t have enough choices. Lack of restaurant choices regularly tops lists of community surveys. In Lino Lakes, 75 percent called it the biggest single hole in their… Continue Reading →

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