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Your Morning Coffee

MinnPost: Work-study by bits and bytes. High school students maintain extensive rural Lamberton, MN, Internet. CBS Local: Reward still offered for info in unsolved 1976 Kimball, MN, post office bombing. CityPages: Dildo bomber reaches plea agreement. Make love, not war,… Continue Reading →

Your Morning Coffee

Other, non-bin Laden stuff that happened this past weekend: WaPo: The Obama-Meyers tag team plant some zingers on Barbie and Ken. “Michele Bachmann is here. She is considering running for president. Which is weird, because I hear she was born… Continue Reading →

Your Morning Coffee

Strib: Lake Street walking tour will illustrate the corridor’s colorful and ever-changing history. PiPress: Sleuthing your own lost-and-found from afar? South Dakota woman tracks her iPad left behind at MSP. Hastings Star-Gazette: Porky’s, sans sign, on the move to Pioneer… Continue Reading →

Your Morning “Kope”

YouTube [via GuffawMN.com]: “Hold me closer, Tony Danza,” and otherĀ  misunderstood lyrics, sung by Jeremy Messersmith. Strib: Meet my brother Darryl, and my other brother Darryl. PiPress: Tossing bowling balls at people while wearing brass knuckles and a bunny hat… Continue Reading →

Desperado, Why Don’t You Come to Your Senses

CBS Local: Marriage by proxy. “We are now husband and wife. The press can now print and say Christi Rowan, wife. Christi Hecker, wife, instead of Christi Rowan, the girlfriend …” The mug shots alone are worth 1000 words:

Your Morning Coffee

Strib: Vocation idea: Crime scene clean-up. If you hated dissecting worms in junior high, you would definitely hate to be a crime scene cleaner-upper. (Listed under: Let’s hope this is not a growth industry.) PiPress: Doggone it. There must be… Continue Reading →

Your Morning Coffee

Recent crime blotters from around the state: Bemidji Pioneer Duluth News Tribune Delano Herald Journal Norwood-Young America Times Rochester Post-Bulletin Worthington Daily Globe Austin Daily Herald

Your morning coffee.

Strib: Yeah, about that Dome thingey … It might not be until April before its repair is completed. PiPress: “Animal mounting” means something entirely different in Minnesota (vs. Wisconsin) but it can still get you arrested. Daily Planet: You’ll be… Continue Reading →

The Minnesota Strip, New York, NY

Nokohaha offers up the story of 8th Ave in Manhattan, known in the 1970s as “The Minnesota Strip” thanks to the number of Minnesotans who had run away and became prostitutes along that stretch of New York: The Minneapolis Police… Continue Reading →

Man Gets Less than Five Years for Crushing Baby’s Skull

“The judge called it ‘the most shocking case I have ever seen,’” begins the PiPress report. “A man took his 3-week-old baby’s head in his hands and crushed it, even hearing a popping sound as the tiny bones broke. He… Continue Reading →

How Much Cocaine Can You Use in a Lifetime?

“What to do when police confront you after you just bought $22,000 worth of cocaine?” asks a PiPress article. “Tell them it’s ‘enough to last a lifetime.’” I guess that’s one way to get out of charges for conspiracy to… Continue Reading →

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