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Hue or Diversity?

Today’s Strib article, “The times alter the campus hue,” about the growing diversity of Minnesota colleges, or at least Gustavus Adolphus College and Augsburg College, raises some questions. 1. Is it OK to refer to diversity as “hue” (in or… Continue Reading →

Co-Ed Dorms Promote Risky Behavior

Look out, students! The great conspiracy to segregate the sexes is at it again. According to MPR, “a University of Minnesota researcher says students living in co-ed dorms are much more likely to engage in risky sexual contact and drinking… Continue Reading →

Student Suicide Hits St. Cloud Hard

As the national suicide rate hits the nation hard, St. Cloud feels the repercussions. Last week, two students killed themselves. “We are not talking about test anxiety here,” said President Earl Potter. “We are talking about a stew of challenges,… Continue Reading →

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