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Being a Good, but Active Parent?

Parents (or frequent babysitters): What do you do with your kids to get out of the house? My wife and I have a 4-month old and we catch cabin fever pretty frequently. But kids cry and can make being in… Continue Reading →

Authoritative Parents Encourage Family Meals

I never cease to be amazed at how many people I know did not regularly sit down for family meals in their youth… nor now. This was such an important time for my family, where ideas and chitchat were exchanged… Continue Reading →

Toddler Found Walking Down Highway 55

So, I suppose those of you who were arguing last week that you just can’t keep your eyes on kids all the time, will find this insignificant and blameless, but a 3-year-old boy was found walking along Highway 55 at… Continue Reading →

Do Your Kids Have Manners? Do You?

Reporter Amelia Santaniello wanted to know find out how our kids are doing on manners these days, so she pulled her hair back, donned the proper uniform, and posed as a cafeteria worker at Plymouth Middle School, serving the children… Continue Reading →

Warning: Don’t Toss the Baby

We’ve all seen parents ‚Äî particularly fathers, for some reason ‚Äî toss their babies in the air, catching them as they stare on, startled, supposedly amused. And well, I’m pretty sure I’ve heard this is not OK. Makes sense, even… Continue Reading →

Don’t Let a Nipple Get You Worked Up

Last December a mother was thrown out of a Target store for breastfeeding her child. This week, employees of Maplewood’s Old Country Buffet tried to do the same to a St. Paul mom caring for her child. Only she wouldn’t… Continue Reading →

Just for Bob: Don’t Smoke & Drive (with kids)

Rep. Nora Slawik (DFL-Maplewood) brought a bill before the House Health Care and Human Services Policy and Oversight Committee to prohibit smoking in vehicles where children are present. Secondhand smoke in vehicles is particularly harmful to children because their breathing… Continue Reading →

Schools Serving More Local Foods

(via Live Green Twin Cities) According to a new survey by the Minnesota School Nutrition Association (MSNA) and the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (IATP), the number of Minnesota school districts purchasing food directly from local farms has more… Continue Reading →

Sorry, Man, Your Story Sucks

Twenty-two-year-old Alex J. Wolters, of Faribault, pleaded guilty yesterday to stalking young Edina girls. Well, he pleaded guilty, but he still told the judge he was merely them for directions. Huh? It seems to me the guy should have done… Continue Reading →

No Money? Steal It from Our Children

As the state tries to balance its books, schools are paying the price ‚Äî at least for now. Two hundred and thirty-one of Minnesota’s 337 school districts ‚Äî that’s 69 percent ‚Äî received a memo last week outlining how much… Continue Reading →

All I Want for Christmas is Peace on Earth

The PiPress reports on a special Santa, Leo Treadway, who isn’t asking children what toys and other material possessions they want this year, but encouraging them to become better, more aware, and more considerate people. “I know you have been… Continue Reading →

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