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Bachmann Is Nothing

Last week the lovely Michele Bachmann spoke at a Tea Party gathering in Washington, D.C., calling the Obama administration and Democratic Congress a ‚Äúgangster government.‚Äù Obviously, she’s taken some heat for these remarks. Those remarks have prompted a strong rebuke… Continue Reading →

Are We Subsidizing Bachmann’s Campaign Expenses?

“While Michele Bachmann has developed a reputation as a champion for cutting government spending,” writes Karl Bremer on the Dump Bachmann blog, “her own 2009 congressional staff salary budget mushroomed by $176,868 – a whopping 26.4 percent – over her… Continue Reading →

W00t w00t rarrr

The Minneapolis Convention Center is about to turn into a Republican bacchanal of sorts as thousands of people gather there this afternoon to rally with top momma cats Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin. The state GOP has already distributed 10,000… Continue Reading →

Will the Next Republican Presidential Candidate Please Stand Up

The joke starts something like this: Three potential Republican presidential candidates walk into a bar in Minnesota and… Yeah, so what’s the punch line? It looks like Gov. Tim Pawlenty is going to get some acclaimed Republican back-scratching of sorts… Continue Reading →

Frank Holds Bachmann Responsible for Anti-Gay Slurs

This weekend Barney Frank (D-Mass.), the openly gay chair of the House Financial Services Committee, came under heavy attack by screaming Tea Partiers. ‚ÄúFaggot!‚Äù they shouted. ‚ÄúHomo Communist!… go homo to Massachusetts.‚Äù Sound familiar? Frank lays most of the blame… Continue Reading →

Marsh, Bachmann, and the (political) Monster

Well, I had all the links open and ready to go, but LOL OMG! beat me to it, so here’s the score: Steve Marsh did a Q&A with Michele Bachmann last month. “You know, the one where she talked about… Continue Reading →

Bachmann Signifies, Signs Schmelzer

Am I the only person out here who didn’t know about Minnesota Independent editor Paul Schmelzer’s signifier, signed autograph project until today? Sadly, (yes, that’s right, I’m expressing an opinion here, folks!) it took a signature from Michele Bachmann to… Continue Reading →

Palin’s Got Bachmann’s Back

According to MPR, former Alaska Gov., Republican vice presidential candidate-turned author Sarah Palin will be coming to our fair state this April to campaign for 6th District Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann. That’s right, the gals are coming together! Bachmann’s campaign… Continue Reading →

LOL OMG! Marsh Is Interviewing Bachmann!

The new LOL OMG! blog gives us a brief glimpse of reporter Steve Marsh as he prepares for his Bachmann interview. Marsh [Facebook] status update: “I’m wearing my magenta AmAppy underwears to the Congresswoman’s office just so I can keep… Continue Reading →

Is MinnPost Becoming the Fox News of Minnesota?

…at least that’s what City Pages claims ‚Äî that MinnPost is “a place where you get a free pass if¬†you hate gays, liberals, and the ACLU.” Ouch! Last month, MinnPost published a two-part Q&A with Katherine Kersten. And this week… Continue Reading →

Bachmann Says Franken Stole Election

Michele Bachmann scored big in Palm Beach this weekend during the Restoration Weekend conference, a virtual “who’s who of conservative activists and conservative leaders” (Newt Gingrich, Phyllis Schlafly, Ann Coulter). But according to MPR’s Polinaut, she “got the biggest ovation… Continue Reading →

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