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Your Morning Demitasse

MPR: Rescuing North Minneapolis’ blue herons in the tornado’s aftermath. Also: Raptor expert among the tornado victims. AP: Fact-checking Tim Pawlenty’s campaign kick-off. Grade: F. Salon: Why do Herman Cain and Michele Bachmann misquote the Constitution? AV Club: Some weird… Continue Reading →

Morning Coffee

Star Tribune: High gas prices has Minnesotans changing habits. Again. Hastings Star Gazette: Porky’s finds a new home in Hastings. MPR: The Civil War began 150 years ago today. The Minnesota connection. Pioneer Press: High fashion? In Minnesota? MN Indy:… Continue Reading →

Your Morning Coffee

City Pages: War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength. Duluth News Tribune: Casey’s to challenge Subway over use of “footlong.” Elk River Star News: Alcohol most abused drug in Sherburne County. Park Rapids Enterprise: Letterman lampoons the Park… Continue Reading →

92% Chance There Won’t Be A Minnesotan Nominated For President

The Strib also reported that #6 Pawlenty finished ahead of #7 Bachmann in the CPAC straw poll of 15 possible GOP contenders. If this poll had any basis in reality, anti-immigrant pro-life isolationist Ron Paul would be chosen as the… Continue Reading →

SNL Does Bachmann

You know you have arrived in American politics when you become the subject of a Saturday Night Live skit. This weekend, SNL took a look at the many angles of Michele Bachmann’s response to the State of the Union address…. Continue Reading →

Your Morning Coffee

A history-challenged Congresswoman who is more rogue and mavericky than Miss Maverick herself? A former governor re-imaging himself from bridesmaid into movie action hero? Was Jesse Ventura just a warm-up act? Both Michele Bachmann and Tim Pawlenty are positioning themselves… Continue Reading →

Bachmann Stretches the Truth in Latest Campaign Ad

According to WCCO’s Pat Kessler, Michele Bachmann’s latest TV campaign ad ‚Äî with the State Fair as the backdrop ‚Äî distorts the truth. What a surprise. (This is politics, after all.) “While you’re at the fair, you should know Tarryl… Continue Reading →

Bachmann/Clark Race Tops the Nation in Spending

According to MPR, the race between Michele Bachmann and Tarryl Clark has become the most expensive US House race in the country. In election filings released last month, both Bachmann and Clark trotted out eye-popping strings of dollar signs. By… Continue Reading →

Bachmann Slams Obama… surprise!

(via MN Independent) Rep. Michele Bachmann appeared on The Ben Shapiro Show in a prerecorded segment on Thursday to talk about flotillas, the BP oil disaster and Iran. But most importantly she opined on her belief that President Obama is… Continue Reading →

Bachmann Should Make Nice with the Criminals

MinnPost picked up on a post by Ed Kohler yesterday asking whether the Minnesota prison population helps¬† Michele Bachmann. You see, most of them are in her district. In fact, it looks like nearly half of Minnesota‚Äôs adult prisoners reside… Continue Reading →

Bachmann Continues to Amuse

… and frighten. How can I stop writing about her when she continues to spew off such schlock? (via The Minnesota Independent) Rep. Michele Bachmann told attendees at the Lincoln-Reagan Day Dinner that Democrats are a ‚Äúcabal of radicals‚Äù that… Continue Reading →

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