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Careful on Campus

The UofM campus is looking a little dangerous these days. (via City Pages) Two University of Minnesota students were mugged just after bar close this weekend near campus — the third attack in the area so far this month. According… Continue Reading →

In the Name of Nicotine

As I currently experience nearly incapacitating nicotine withdrawals, I am nonetheless confused and outraged by the story of a Duluth woman attacking an officer who was trying to enforce the smoking ban at a bus stop this weekend. I mean,… Continue Reading →

Yes, Malls Are Scary

Rosedale Center was temporarily shut down on Saturday evening after a fight involving several dozen teens left one 16-year-old in critical condition with multiple stab wounds in his back and an 18-year-old with severe lacerations to his face. About 7:45… Continue Reading →

Parent Throws Punches as Basketball Game

Remember those parents in high school and grade school who took their children’s sports participation just a little too seriously, kicking and screaming entirely inappropriately, and even yelling at their own children when they “messed up”? Well, at a sixth-grade… Continue Reading →

Woman of 70 Bites Police Officer

How does a woman of 70 defend herself against an arresting police officer? She bites him, of course. Apparently, Bonita Zimmerman, 70, and Kevin Duea, 51, were engaged in a verbal dispute that led to two visits from police officers… Continue Reading →

Woman Pulls Hammer, Lands in Slammer

A 54-year-old Winona woman faces possible domestic assault charges for grabbing a man (presumably her lover?) by the genitals and yanking hard enough to send him to the hospital for stitches. According to WCCO, “Officers were called Friday night to… Continue Reading →

MySpace Post Provokes Assault

Twelve women/girls between 13 and 22 were arrested on Sunday for assaulting a teenage girl over a MySpace posting. According to a Strib report, the assault occurred on a Metro Transit bus. What the report doesn’t tell us is what… Continue Reading →

YouTube Video Sparks Police Investigation

Yesterday, City Pages posted a link to a YouTube video of a group of Somali boys “knocking bikers over, tackling unsuspecting runners from behind, shoving kids and generally threatening folks for what appeared to be the pure fun of it.”… Continue Reading →

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