1. Topic must be local. Dylan counts, but just barely.
  2. No flames. Attacking people (unless they’re famous and deserve it) is simply not tolerated.
  3. No useless politics. Political threads are okay, but only if it’s a new viewpoint on a new issue. Otherwise, go hang out on the other 100 political blogs in town.
  4. Include links. If it doesn’t have a link, it’s probably not worth a post. As with all totalizing statements, there are exceptions.
  5. No blatant self-promotion. Occasionally, it’s okay to link to your own content, as long as it’s cool, local, and of general interest. If you choose to do so, please note the nature of your affiliation. MNSpeak editors may remove your post if you fail to properly identify yourself when posting it. Be prepared to be mercilessly ridiculed if your stuff stinks. Sometimes, it’s a better idea to email your link to our editors and ask them to post it. contact us.
  6. Be unique. A good post isn’t necessarily a rehashing of a daily newspaper story. A good post is an overlooked piece of information or a unique perspective.
  7. No HTML. You’re only allowed to use bold, italics, and link tags. Otherwise, the site turns into a mess. We run a tidy house.
  8. Have fun. This is so important. This site is about having a good time.