Photo credit: Rick Corwine

Visitors stopping by Mary Ellingen’s home near Lake Calhoun let her know that her kitchen used to be bigger, which got her thinking how to reclaim that space. The Breiland-Hasbargen family both cringed and cheered as the claw took down their bad shoebox addition in a few hungry bites. But for these and other homeowners, the dust of remodeling was worth it for the space and light they gained.

On the Minneapolis & Saint Paul Home Tour April 25-26, there are stories of rebuilding after the North Minneapolis tornado, a huge duplex saved from the wrecking ball, and clever ways to get enough space to hold yoga classes in a still-tiny one-bedroom home.

That’s just Minneapolis. In Saint Paul, there are other great examples and several new lofts in historic buildings to marvel at. Start your free, self-guided tour at Hours: 10-5 Saturday, 1-5 Sunday.

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