We’re thrilled to be supporting this season of the Common Room tours at The Soap Factory! For the past few years that they’ve done the program, Andy Sturdevant and Sergio Vucci‘s thoughtful, entertaining, and decidedly uncommon tours of places hidden (or hidden in plain sight) in MPLS + STPL have been the highlight of summer. First up: The Repatriation Tour!

Have you ever visited a city where you once lived, years ago, and attempted to make your way through it again, finding yourself surprised at all that’s changed, and how unreliable your own memories are? Live that experience over again: Common Room has invited Detroit artist and one-time Minneapolis resident Jonathan Gabel to lead a walking tour of the city, beginning from The Soap Factory. Gabel hasn’t visited the city in nearly a decade, and won’t be making a set itinerary or agenda in advance. We’ll follow Jonathan through the potentially familiar, potentially alien landscape, revisiting a familiar city through the eyes of someone who hasn’t experienced it in years, comparing our own experiences and memories with his. 6:30 PM. Free.

Soap Factory, 514 SE 2nd St, MPLS; soapfactory.org