The Social Lights liked our 3–Emoji Review so much that they wanted to sponsor and write the feature, and we happily obliged!

#Current11 + Pajama Party
We’re not sure what we enjoyed more – Haley Bonar’s rad fluorescent glow-in-the-dark hula hoop skirt or drinking the special edition birthday beer from Grain Belt while watching Tommy Stinson perform behind the bar. And so much more. If you weren’t celebrating The Current’s 11th Birthday Party at First Ave, you were doing it wrong. Unless you were at Paisley Park. Prince hosted another 3-peat pajama party with two intimate performances of “Piano and a Microphone” followed by a singalong and almost a DJ battle. We can’t get enough of the Twincy music scene.

Making a Murderer Event
Still obsessing about Making A Murderer? The University of St. Thomas School of Law will host Making a Murderer | Brandan Dassey: True Story of a False Confession with Laura Nirider, the attorney for Brendan Dassey. She will be joined by a panel of legal and law enforcement panelists to weigh in on. Snag a ticket to the event on Monday February 22 from 5:30-8pm.

The Golden Game
We’ve got the match up, now who’s planning the party? Get ready for Super Bowl 50. The Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos will face off for footy footy football on Sunday, February 7th in Santa Clara, CA. We will spend the next two weeks preparing ourselves for apps on apps on apps. And ads on ads on ads. And Coldplay. And Bey.