Hey, good thing you clicked through! We’re giving away a prize pack—4 free beers, 2 pint coozies, and a hat!—for a Regular Reader attending this party. If you’re interested just reply to your newsletter email with the name of the Indeed Beer you’re most excited to drink at Hullabaloo. 

Go for the limited release Indeed beers, stay for the bonkers lineup of music! Or go for the music, stay for the beers! Indeed’s fall brewery party ramps up for two days of outdoor autumnal fun with their flagship beers, plus the new Flavorwave IPA, plus entries from their exquisite Wooden Soul program. And the music is just as varied, with a mix of electro-soul, hip-hop and funk on Saturday with Nick Jordan, Nazeem & Spencer Joles, Lady Midnight and DJ KEEZY, Kill The Vultures, Astralblak fka Zuluzuluu, and others, and the folkier sounds on Sunday that includes Gabe Barnett & them Rounders, Them Coulee Boys, Kind Country, and more. Plus Blue Door Pub is back with their burgers leading the food charge. Saturday, October 6th, Noon-11 PM; Sunday, October 7th, Noon-8 PM. $1 wristband to drink.Art Humes

Indeed Brewing Tap Room, 711 15th Ave NE, MPLS; indeedbrewing.com