Who: Sarah White

Regular readers know what huge advocates we are of Sarah White’s electro-soul music, and she’s gaining even more doting fans after the release last week of her 5-song EP Laughing at Ghosts. Expect to see some show write-ups in the newsletter for her upcoming appearances, her music is great and her involvement often means some of the coolest music and gatherings in MPLS + STPL.

What: The Game of Kubb

Throwing wooden sticks at wooden blocks might not sound thrilling to you, but we’ve found that the lawn game of Kubb is as much about enjoying beer outside as it is the thrill of gently physical competition. And that’s why we’re signing up for the Kubb Krawl that runs from Green Line end-to-end on May 7th.

When: This Week at Instinct Gallery

It’s a bummer that we’re losing such a good contemporary art spot, but find some time to stop into the Instinct Gallery at 9th and Nicollet during its last week being open.

Where: The Guthrie Theater

New Guthrie Artistic Director Joseph Haj was already So Hot Right Now™ but after the theater announced its upcoming season—which only continues Haj’s diverse and plural approach he demonstrated out of the gate and includes, of course, The Christmas Carol, but also a Toni Morrison play and something with staunch Guthrie critic Dominique Serrand—we’re actually seeing some talk about the future ‘greatness of the new Guthrie’. Burning hot!

Why: Sunday Liquor Sales

If it gives you any indication of how closely we follow state-level politics, we can tell when the Legislature is back in session from all the “Support Sunday Liquor Sales” posts we see on the socials. Will this finally be the year that the politicos go with the overwhelming opinion of their constituents over some business interests? Maaaaybe.