Who: Tom Loftus of Modern Radio
It’s nearly impossible to do anything creative and cool for more than five years, much less ten, much much much less for 16 years. But this weekend Modern Radio, one of our best local labels started by Loftus in 1999, celebrates its birthday this weekend with a two-night long party. We’ll have a quick word with Tom about the party later this week, watch for that.

Where: All the Singles Ladies
If the surplus of single dudes makes Denver into “Menver”, then judging from last week’s #singlesexchange from Grown-Up Club at the Phoenix Theater we’re pretty much “Tw-ladies-cy”. Jerry, the first of very few eligible bachelors being presented to a crowd of ladies presenting their friends, had a line for love connections by intermission.

What: Jason McLean Boycott
We’ve said that boycotting venues owned by Jason McLean—the target of civil suits for sexual assault during his time at Children’s Theater Company—adversely affects the staff at locations like the Varsity Theater. But we also get why people do it. But celebrating McLean’s “artistic vision”? Doh! (Props on the good fake name, “Olive Allen”.)

When: Last Night of Chatterbox in Highland
It was actually last night. The spot for buffet brunch and vintage video games was apparently spreading the owners (who have four kids!) too thin and impacting the other restaurants. Please put a Brasa there, please put a Brasa there . . .

Why: The New Venue The Break Room
Most of us sit around all day dreaming of “recreational destruction” of our prison-like work places and just need a space to work out some of that pent up death drive. The coming soon spot The Break Room will help you with that. “Hold on to your butts.”