You might think it’s the generous number of local breweries that brings the 20-somethings to our fair cities. But according to Business Insider, there’s another draw for recent grads and young professionals: a paycheck.

The Georgetown Center on Education and the Workforce has named Minneapolis and St. Paul the top location for young job seekers. The CEW used data from the U.S. Census and American Community Survey to compile a list of the 10 U.S. cities with the highest employment rates for 21- to 3o-year-olds. With a young adult employment rate of nearly 80 percent, the Twin Cities claimed the No. 1 slot, leaving a trail of urban centers—including Austin, Texas and Denver, Colorado—in its wake.

For those outside the age bracket, there’s good news for you, too. According to the same data, the general employment rate doesn’t fall too far behind that 80 percent, clocking in just shy of 75 percent. Just don’t be surprised if you find your local watering hole welcoming clientele whose IDs get the once-over.