In case you don’t work at Target HQ (we actually have a bunch of Target HQ employees on our email and twitter, so you probably do), you might’ve missed that one of the biggest local events of the year actually happened yesterday. A sea of red and khaki Target employees flooded into the Target Center for the annual Target corporate pep rally. The private party—from what we hear is half really boring business-y presentation, half insane pop concert—is a really big production. This year’s entertainment included, but was not limited to, Taylor Swift, Coldplay, Jamie Foxx (who was also around town promo-ing his new flick, Annie), and a satelitte feed from Ellen DeGeneres. So yeah, that would be like a $125 ticket if it was open to the public. Most observers of the event were excited about either Big Red announcing it will be carrying TOMS shoes starting in the fall or that Taylor Swift fell down during her performance.