Some publications save up their awards for special once a year blowout packages—but not us! We’re giving out awards whenever we want to, in whatever categories we want to. 

We stopped into Nye’s on Saturday night to either pay our respects or say good riddance, depending on your opinion of the iconic venue. For us it was a little of both. Maybe it’s that the end of Nye’s as we know it is approaching, with upcoming sale and hilarious (and somewhat sad) high rise development, but the place was packed during our visit. Through it all—the server’s uniforms, the terrible singing at the piano bar, the three dining rooms of birthday parties, the World’s Most Dangerous Polka Band—the one thing that stood out to us was the television hanging in the corner of the Polka Lounge. The sagging, 18 inch screen looked like no one had changed the channel for the last 15 years, the moving image mostly an abstract mess of different colored horizontal lines over what might have been a basketball game. That TV has shown a lot of games and seen a lot of crazy stuff in that bar, and that’s why it’s getting an award.