Some publications save up their awards for special once a year blowout packages—but not us! We’re giving out awards whenever we want to, in whatever categories we want to. 

When Kingfield’s Five Watt Coffee opened last May, we loved it immediately—but never wanted to go there. Don’t get us wrong. It deserves all the hype, but on principle alone, waiting in line 15 minutes for coffee? That’s just not something we do. Now that the crowds have become more manageable, it’s time to revisit their Sunday Service, which is basically church for people who worship coffee. From 10 to noon on Sundays, grab a $5 oatmeal and a (again, deservedly so) $5 coffee drink and enjoy the sounds of a live organ player while you hit the toppings bar to load your oatmeal up with, as Five Watt puts it, “a gazillion” toppings: fruit, nuts, sprinkles and what-have-you. It’s a blast, but get there early lest the line get too long or the sprinkles run out.