You may have noticed that we’ve been mentioning something called the Guerrilla Girls Takeover, and starting tomorrow the feminist collective focused on equality and inclusion in art scenes kick off their full blown Takeover of Twincy’s local art world. We’re pumped.

You may have also noticed that we’ve got some sweet new header guerrillas, and those are thanks to a big time local illustrator who’s going by Lillian Bassman. Her impressive bio includes: Graduated from MCAD in 2010 and currently works as freelance illustrator, designer, interdisciplinary artist, arts exhibition installer for the MCAD Gallery, and occasionally produces events. Some of her current and past clients include Envision Minneapolis, Rookie Mag, City Pages, Paper Darts, Storey Publications, Racked, The Verge, and Pollen Midwest to name a few. Big Time! She’ll regularly be taking over some of Secrets with her headers and GG Takeover event picks, be on the lookout for those starting tomorrow!

Also, to get the inside scoop on the GG Takeover, we checked in with Saint Joan Vorderbruggen from Hennepin Theatre Trust (who’s responsible for all the murals downtown and Made Here). She said “I would say for sure not to miss Thursday evenings Walker, Mia, and MCAD events, and the shuttle to Rochester to see the girls talk is an amazing opportunity as well”. She also shared that the inside tip is that “the Girls perform at the State Theatre on March 5th as a bookend to their amazing metro wide takeover” and that promo code GGTWINCITIES you tickets without any additional fees. So be sure to get in on that!

There you go, that’s our intro as we’ll be highlighting Guerrilla Girls Takeover events throughout their stay here for the next month or so!