When it comes to fashion, Danielle Everine knows her stuff. With last year’s Pale Rider collection and Voltage 2010 already under her belt, Everine returns for Voltage 2011 with an all sheer collection and a marvelous collaboration with Sarah White of Jagress Intimates.

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Photos and interview by Kelsey Johnston

Secrets: Where are you from?
Danielle: I am from Golden Valley, MN

Secrets: How did you get started?
Danielle: I have always been interested in clothing as expression. I began making garments at a young age. I studied a combination of art and design in college that led to an exploration of the significance of clothing, specifically how gender roles are expressed through personal style.

Secrets: Tell me about your recent work.
Danielle: While tailoring menswear-inspired garments, I developed an appreciation for how intricate and beautiful the internals of clothing can be. The interfacings, linings, padding and pockets that build structure and proper fit create wonderful multi-tiered elements that should be appreciated. By using sheers of different stiffness, weights and prints, I would like to expose the meticulously crafted secret aspects of garments that are seldom considered by the wearer.

Secrets: Where do you pull your inspiration from?
I often play with old-time muses such as Katherine Hepburn, Annie Oakley and Virginia Woolf. These heroines of yore displayed fortitude in such an incredibly chic manner I can’t help but be inspired by them. An amalgamation of strength and vulnerability, structured and soft, my work teeters on the lines of masculine and feminine.

Secrets: How would you describe your style?
My work is enigmatic and approachable at the same time. It can be understood simply as pretty or considered more deeply as an exploration of societal concepts, textile significance, and subversion. The attention to detail with my tailored looks is menswear inspired, while silhouettes and color palate are clearly feminine. Preferring to work in natural textiles, silk, wool, leather and fur reoccur in my garments.

Secrets: What’s the best part about living in Minneapolis?
Minneapolis is a great place to live and work. Living is cheap, and recreation is free. A girl can hop on her bike or strap on her skis right out of her front door.

Secrets: What is your favorite establishment in Minneapolis?
My favorite establishment was the Bedlam Theater. I am deeply saddened by the closing of such a great gathering spot. I have yet to establish a new favorite.

Secrets: Childhood dream career?
It’s funny to think that as a kid, I always saw myself in the role of a designer. It was never terribly overt, I didn’t sketch or play dress up, but my dolls were always dressed in crazy get ups. I never realized that until recently.