Some publications save up their awards for special once a year blowout packages—but not us! We’re giving out awards whenever we want to, in whatever categories we want to, because that’s what we’re like.

“Alcohol may be man’s worst enemy, but the Bible says love your enemy.” That’s the Frank Sinatra quote engraved on the service paddle for Ngon Bistro‘s Barrel Aged Cocktail Flight, a true highlight of any restaurant we’ve been to in recent memory. We’re excited to give this award, but will warn you that there’s an immediate problem with the $28 deal for four of the drinks—there’s five to choose from and they’re all good. Actually, they’re all really good: Sazerac, Bistro Bijou martini predecessor, Old Fashioned, Black Pearl smokey rum, and the Phalen Boulevardier, it’s like picking between your children. Plus, even though the flight is billed as “1/2 size”, you’re going to have to share your four close-to-full-sized drinks and that can lead to some tense conversations as well. We’d also give this award if this offering were anywhere, but the fact that it’s at one of the top restaurants in MPLS + STPL makes it all the more important to go and experience for yourself.