We’re fans of most anything that prolific producer/composer Grant Cutler has worked on throughout the years, from the electro-pop duo Lookbook to his work as Grant Cutler The Gorgeous Lords to many other collaborations with big names in MPLS + STPL music. That said, we’ve never been as in love with his previous projects as we are his partnership with ultra-talented Claire de Lune and their twosome tiny deaths. Their music is moody, but soulful, and contrasts both haunting vocal lines with punching backing beats and tight production work. If you haven’t heard them yet, you’re missing out.

Just off the February 3rd release of elegies, tiny deaths will be playing a can’t-miss show at Icehouse on Friday. To share our excitement about the band, the new album, and the release show, we sent a Quick Q+A with de Lune to get some additional insight into their process and expectations for the music.

Secrets of the City: Is it intimidating to release another EP after your last EP nightflowers was so dang good?

Claire de Lune: Well first of all thank you for the kind words, but Elegies is actually an LP (full length!) It happens to contain all the songs from the night flowers EP on it, so I guess it kind of escapes that issue by default . . .

What’s the songwriting process like for tiny deaths? How much collaboration happens on beats and lyrics?

tiny deaths is super collaborative. Generally, Grant will send me the skeleton of a beat, I’ll write to it, send him back a demo, he’ll flush out the beat based on what I wrote. Then we get in the studio together, I track vocals, and he takes those vocals and what we have of the song so far and finishes it up production wise and works his magic on the vocals. In between all those steps, there’s a ton of bouncing back and forth, I’ll give feedback on the progression of the beats, etc.

One of the best spots a MPLS + STPL band can be have is to open for cool touring musicians, which tiny deaths certain does—Sleigh Bells, Coeur de Pirate, others—PLUS cool local shows like collabs like RONiiA, ACLU fundraiser at Norseman, NYE with KING. What more could you possibly want?

Well, you’re right, we’ve been very lucky. It’s been an honor to share the stage with such amazing bands. Would love to open for Beach House as far as bucket list stuff goes. They blow me away.

Speaking of collabs, the release show at Icehouse also features a set by the fantastic, and in ways similarly sounding LOTT, but also DJ sets from Jeremy Ylvisaker, Al Church, and DOSH, which is great. Is the release show going to be more of a party than a place to hear the new music?

I don’t think those things are mutually exclusive! It’s gonna be both.

tiny deaths play an album release show for their new album elegies at Icehouse on Friday, February 10th, 10:30 PM. $8 advance, $10 doors.