There’s no shortage of fun dance nights in MPLS + STPL, especially when it comes to throwback hip-hop, ’90s parties, New Wave nights, and even different world-wide rhythms selections. On that last trend of dancehall nights, though, DJ Alex Uncapher aka DJ Slamdunkapher hosts Slip n’ Slide, a monthly islands-themed party that blows up the Kitty Cat Klub with a variety of Twincy’s DJs who share his interest in spinning grime, latin, and other beat-heavy world music.

Before this weekend’s wet and wild party, we chatted with Slamdunkapher about getting all slippery.

Secrets of the City: How crazy does Slip n’ Slide get?

DJ Slamdunkapher: SLIP N SLIDE TUN UP!! most of the crowd that shows up for Slip n’ Slide wants to dance so it can get pretty wild with all the wining and daggering on the dancefloor.

Is it lots of students from the U of M or an older party crowd?

I think the crowd at Slip n’ Slide is mostly a little older than college age but there’s always a decent handful of college kids that wander in looking to get away from the typical music and scene of the rest of Dinkytown.

But, so, who shows up more, Main Tings or Side Tings?

Main ting for me but lots of badgyals n rudebwoys in di place bringing both!

What got you into Dance Hall music?

I’ve been into dancehall stuff for quite a while but didn’t really have the right party to play it at! Always loved fun summery island vibes!

Hit us with some of the regular tracks you play at Slip n’ Slide.

I definitely have a handful I catch myself playing every time “Your Number” Ayo Jay, “Everyone Falls In Love” Tanto Metro & Devonte, and “Obaa Sima” Ata Kak. Those have been in heavy rotation for me.

Who have you had as guest DJs besides the world renowned Buju Fanta?

Everyone that has played so far has been a great guest. I’ve been reaching out past my normal friend group and finding out a surprising amount of people in the city are into playing dancehall. Some of the guests so far have been Feel Free Hi Fi, Jimmy 2 Times, Mother T Rosa, DJ I Roach, DJ Verb X, and Egress Ouroboros and T Mobile.

Like many other MPLS + STPL DJs, you get around to lots of other dance nights, including some of the bigger nights around town. What have you been up to?

I’ve been playing drastically different parties lately and its been very fun, I do a couple sloppy college bar top 40 nights at Tiffs and O’garas, I do dancehall at Slip n’ Slide, I play regularly at a R&B night “The Love Below”, and pretty frequently at a dark dance music night “Dark Energy”.

Btw, who does the fliers? They’re fantastic.

Haha Ayy I dooo!



Slip n’ Slide is on Friday at 10 PM, $3, at the Kitty Cat Klub.