Weird, wacky, full of puns and light on clothing—how much can we possibly love this weekend’s Al-Stravaganza: A Burlesque Tribute to Weird Al!? Almost as much as the party’s performers, who will also be showcasing, in their own special and mostly nude ways, their own love of Mr. Yankovic and his music?

To get you in on the lovefest, and event at the Historic Mounds on Friday and Saturday, we checked in with Pickles Kintaro, the found and fearless leader of Tight & Nerdy—The First and Only All Weird Al Burlesque Troupe, who is co-producing the evening with performer Mona Montague. Here’s our collective adoration for all things Al.

Secrets of the City: What prompted Al-Stravaganza: A Burlesque Tribute to Weird Al!? Did you all just assume that it was already a thing because it makes so much sense?

Pickles Kintaro: Al-Stravaganza started in 2012 in San Francisco. From the moment I started performing I knew that all I wanted to do was produce an all Weird Al burlesque show. It just makes so much sense. Al’s music spans so many decades and so many different genres. There aren’t many artists with that kind of range. Add in the the comedic elements and this show just had to exist. I had known Mona for years and when I moved to Minnesota it one of the first conversations I had was about bringing the show to the Twin Cities.

For someone who maybe can’t picture what’s they’re going to see at the event, can you paint a somewhat safe-ish for work word picture for them?

We usually describe the show with these words: NUDITY, HILARITY, and DELI MEAT. It pretty much sums up what we are about. We have seen some of the acts dozens of times and they still make me laugh. And thanks to Bent Brewstillery, we will have Al-themed specialty cocktail.

How perfect of a venue is the Historic Mounds Theatre for the show?

It’s super perfect! We love the folks at the Mounds. We work closely with them to create an full experience. There are games, a costume contest, Friday we will have karaoke, and Saturday we will have a special screening. It’s more than just a show you watch, you get to participate.

How did some out-of-towners like Maggie Motorboat get involved?

This year we have two amazing out-of-towners. The Infamous Nina Nightshade co-produces our Portland show. She had so much fun last year that she came back . . . with a new act! Maggie Motorboat is a San Francisco delight! She performed in our show their last year. One of the nice things about touring is that we pick up performers along the way.

Are you going to post your own favorite Al moment? Ours is probably that he doesn’t age, which, if someone isn’t going to age, we want it to be Al.

He truly is timeless. My favorite moment was the very first time that I met him. He knows about the show and greeted me by name and with a huge hug. I cried.

Al-Stravaganza runs Friday and Saturday night at the Mounds Theater; some $20 GA and $35 VIP tickets are still left.