Regular Readers know that we’re huge fans of the wrasslin’ action put on by F1rst Wrestling and this Thursday (TONIGHT!) the hometown promotion make their debut at the Uptown VFW a month before the giant Wrestlepalooza event. F1rst Wrestling: LIVE! is a perfect introduction to see local pro wrestling the way it’s always meant to be—up close and with a bunch of people cheering over their beers. The “Golden Circle” seating is already sold out, but there are a few GA tickets still remaining that we very strongly recommend grabbing.

Ahead of the Lyn Lake invasion, we quick checked in with one of the least popular personalities—and thereby most popular personalities—The Ginger Snap Darin Corbin about his evolving alliances, attack plans, and surprise appearances.

Secrets of the City: Don’t you miss the good times you had in The North Star Express with Ryan Cruz? Do you think you can ever share the same corner again?

The Ginger Snap Darin Corbin: If those were good times, I’ve been having awesome and amazing times since the split. And no, I don’t plan on reforming the NSE ever again.

What’s the strategy going into the ring for a Monster’s Ball Match against notable indie wrestler Abyss? Do you think the hometown crowd will be on your side for this one?

I don’t think the hometown crowd will be a factor; considering how much they all of sudden hate me. Bunch of ungrateful jerks. As far as Abyss goes, he’s a monster who doesn’t think before he acts. I’m already 10 steps ahead. So I’m not worried about Abyss being able to outsmart or catch me!

Assuming you win against Abyss, what kind of momentum does that give you going into the big time Wrestlepalooza at First Avenue in January?

Correction: When I win. And I’ve been riding momentum since the split. Things have been great and I make things happen. So January will be no different.

A bunch of txts were flying back and forth during the WWE TLC match at the Target Center when some of us noticed that the EMT who helped Kurt Angle looked just like our favorite local heel! How did that come about? Was it just crazy to be involved in a production like that?

After receiving my University of Phoenix Medical Degree after doing online night classes, it was only a matter of time before the job market came calling . . . and just happened to be WWE.
Good thing I was there for the gold medalist. And yes it was quite the production and a great event to be a part of. I look forward to working together more in the future . . . so keep watching when
they come around the Midwest.

F1rst Wrestling: LIVE! goes down Thursday, December 7th at 8 PM. GA tickets available, $12.