The Minnesota Department of Health isn’t too worried about an outbreak of concern about the state’s emergency preparedness after the agency’s bumbling portrayal in the new bio-terror thriller Contagion. The movie, which is set in Minnesota (though actually filmed in Elgin, Illinois) hit theaters Friday and took the top spot in the box office over the weekend. One of the key plotlines in the film involves Kate Winslet as a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention scientist arriving in the TC and finding dense officials at the Department of Health are dropping the ball on the outbreak’s containment.

Website Brand Channel talked to MNDHS Communications Director John Stieger, who says there hasn’t been any contact with filmmakers about the portrayal of the Minnesota Department of Health—which is depicted as “a gaggle of unknowledgeable bureaucrats.” Similarly, the Star Tribune asked Minnesota State Epidemiologist Dr. Ruth Lynfield, and former MN State Epidemiologist Dr. Michael Osterholm, for their take on the movie. Both gave the movie a thumbs up, but the problems they had with the reality of the movie came from the portrayal of MNDHS officials and their interaction with the CDC, among other things. If you haven’t seen the movie for yourself, check out the trailer here. —SB