The Twin Cities has been fairly progressive when it comes to the acceptance, creation, and implementation of new technology, but a lack of foresight in one area has cost the City of Lakes™ more than $1 million per year—on nothing.

According to the Strib, Minneapolis pays USI Wireless (yes, that network that always pops up on your computer but never works) $1.25 million per year for city-wide wireless Internet that the city, including the approximately 21,000 residents who use the service over other providers, of which we only use 11 percent. (That usage rate is worse than if you only ate one slice for every large pizza you bought.)

Poor planning in the past could mean a bright, technophile-heavy future, however. The city’s agreement with USI gives it credit for all unused bandwidth that it can use until the contract is over, meaning the city can go wild with Internet use until 2018 in an attempt not to waste any money.