As many of you know, a long time ago, the great Terry Gilliam of many a Monty Python movie (and Brazil, and the Johnny Depp version of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, and many others), was also at one time Terry Gilliam of Minneapolis. Mr. Steve Marsh, currently of Minneapolis, just interviewed Gilliam for, and sent us the director’s mention of the Minneapple that didn’t make it into the story:

I’m calling you from Minneapolis.

No, really? That’s a long time ago.

When I studied abroad in Ireland I came back with an accent. I can’t imagine what would happen if you actually emigrated.

It’s very funny, because they always used to be make fun of my voice. (goes into a kind of dopey Yogi Bear sounding character) “Oh hay guys . . . oh, ugh, oh . . . bunch of water down there.” And I just thought that it was a terrible impersonation of me. But watching the app, (Laughs) I’m like, wait, they weren’t that far wrong.

You do sound more sophisticated.

Well, yes, I’ve lived in England for some time now, and one does become more sophisticated. It’s very funny actually, here when I get into a cab here—this just happened a half hour ago—the cab driver will say, “You’re not the Terry Gilliam from Monty Python?” “Yes” “Well God I thought you were an Englishman, and you’re clearly not.” So the accent, after 45 years in this country, I haven’t managed to lose it completely.

You don’t sound like a Minnesotan anymore though.

No, that’s a different world isn’t it. Do they still talk like they did in Fargo? The Canadians—that’s where I did Tideland and The Imaginarium—the Canadians still sound like Minnesotans did. Minnesota is practically not in America—it’s just on the edge. Just creaking there.

When’s the last time you were in Minnesota?

Oh, shit, I think in the 90s? I went there when we started Munchausen, so that’s what, 87? That’s where I met John Neville and Sarah Polley—we met up in Minneapolis. But I’ve been back since, I’m sure of it. Unless I was in Toronto and I thought it was Minneapolis.

Do you have any family here at all?

No, everybody’s on the west coast now.