Authors need readers, actors need viewers, and artists need patrons. A new study has revealed that not only is Minneapolis home to some of the most artistic and creative minds in the country, but their art is being generously appreciated. The report, commissioned by the City of Minneapolis, studied arts jobs, consumer spending, and revenue of arts organizations, and Minneapolis was nearly five times stronger than the national average. We had the sixth largest art economy in the country, behind DC, New York, LA, Frisco, and Boston.

Minneapolis arts contribute $700 million to the economy each year, ranging from ticket sales to purchases at gallery shows. The arts sector revenues are 70 percent the size of the city’s sports sector, which, when comparing the size of Target Field (40,000 seats) to The Guthrie (2,000 seats), is astounding.

The report will now be used to adjust and augment the future arts and cultural goals of the city, taking into account strengths and weaknesses so maybe next year we can crack the top five.