As you can see above, Timberwolves star Kevin Love put an imprint of his size 19s on Houston Rockets forward Luis Scola during Saturday’s game. Love said he didn’t have anywhere to put his feet and it was an accident. Scola said he thought it was an accident and didn’t really care even if it wasn’t. In fact, the only voices that seemed to think it was a big deal outside of looking bad were the ones coming from the Houston Chronicle sports bloggers, who essentially demanded a suspension in a story riddled with more weak foot puns than a Rex Ryan story. Alas, the NBA must have been on board with them because it handed down Love a two-game suspension (without pay), meaning he will miss the team’s first all-important post-.500 record games, Tuesday at home against the Sacramento Kings and Wednesday at the Memphis Grizzlies. Hopefully this won’t be the closest the Timberwolves come to a winning record this year, but at the very least TC NBA fans might get an extra-long look at Rookie Derrick Williams.