Twin Cities native Leslie Pitt-Schneider is helping Boston bombing amputees one piece of fashion advice at a time.

An amputee herself, Pitt-Schneider flew to Boston after the bombings to help those who were injured by providing emotional support. Not long after spending time with female victims, Pitt-Schneider realized how important it was for victims to build confidence in their new body as part of the healing process (via Fox 9).

Pitt-Schneider works in the legal department at Ottobock, a Plymouth-based company that creates some of the most innovative appendages for amputees.

Having used prosthetics since losing her legs as a little girl, Pitt-Scheider is no stranger to the wardrobe challenges that amputees face daily, making her more than qualified to extend her title from emotional supporter to feel-good fashion adviser for the bombing victims.