Just because we’re into the being “the new North” doesn’t mean we don’t have a deep love of some throwback institutions like a rockin’ Lenten fish fry—and don’t you dare say ironic, we’re legit-ly into them. And to get you into them, too, we’re introducing Liz B., who hit us up to be our Fish Fry Finder for this season. #blessed! She’s going to help you explore some of the delicious fish + sides + desserts + maybe even beer options that the Twin Cities has to offer.

Groveland Tap Friday Fish Fry

Set-up: Beer battered, fries, slaw, malt vinegar, all you can eat.

This one’s a year round delight, but during Lent the place is bursting at the seams with patient fish lovers. We popped in at 7:30 and were quoted an hour wait. No problem, since they’ve got a full tap list, Fast and the Furious driving game(!), and a bit of standing room at the end of the slightly claustrophobic bar area.

Less than 40 minutes later, we were seated. Four orders of fish fry, please. Five minutes later and BAM, we were hit with the snappy, piping hot goodness of the AYCE basket. The filets are a meaty Swai fish, well-battered, perfect crunch-to-grease ratio. Get your beverages lined up folks because these babies are pretty well salted. Some in our group thought too salty. Me, I could hang.

Fish fry comes with tasty krinkle cut fries, a bit of coleslaw, and hearty tartar sauce. Ketchup, malt vinegar, and french fry salt are at the table, standing by. Filling, classic, good value. Remains a true standard for bar fish fry offering, in my book. Yes it’s Blue Plate, don’t @ me.

Scorecard:   Taste: 8   Atmosphere: 7.5   Religiosity: 1

Also consider: Obb’s, Tavern on the Avenue

Groveland Tap, 1834 St Clair Ave, STPL; grovelandtap.com