In case you missed the series of tweets from earlier this week, we got to tag along with @stephmarch on a sneak peak peek at the new Indeed Brewing taproom that opens this afternoon (Yes, today! Friday, August 10th!) in Northeast Mpls.

To be honest, the TC has a variety of great locally brewed beer, and that makes the prospects of yet another local brew and tap room combination a bit daunting. Much like trying to keep up with every buzz band in our sometimes overly robust local music scene, sampling the multitude of batches from Minnesota beer brewers can be a daunting challenge. (Fore example: Summit’s new unchained Abbey Ale tastes wonderful, we still haven’t had the Surly Syx, and it’s a crime how little we’ve been to the Fulton space to try their selection.) And it begs the question of whether we need all the upcoming tap rooms.

But here’s the thing—Indeed Brewing’s taproom is awesome.

The space itself, which is tucked away on Quincy, is beautiful on the inside; it’s not too big to feel like a warehouse, and not too small to fill up like most of the smaller Nordeast corner bars on the weekends. There’s also a patio and a place for food trucks to sidle up and serve taproom patrons. The two beers we sampled, a Pale Ale and and an American Black Ale, came off as complex and unique, but not overbearing. They’re even going to distribute in 12 oz. cans, which are long over due for local beers.

So if you’ve only got room for a few local brews on your palette (or in your brain), make one of them Indeed Brewery and go check out the taproom.