Minnesota’s own pickling company, Gedney, found itself in its own pickle last December when a Rhode Island mom found the products labeled “midget” offensive, reports The STrib. Chelley Martinka has a 10-month-old daughter with dwarfism and was upset to see the term “midget” on a pickle jar. She called the customer service department, posted about it on her blog, and made a YouTube video.

Gedney’s complaint department sent her message and a link to her video up to the company’s executives, and about two months later, the CEO himself called Martinka and promised the “midget” descriptor would be changed.

While there are still some old labels out in the marketplace, Gedney has confirmed that they are in the progress of changing the name to something along the lines of their “Babies” or “Mini-Munchers” products.

The STrib reports that Martinka contacted a few other pickle manufacturers about their “midget” products. Pinnacle Foods, which produces Vlasic and Milwaukee’s, told her the term “midget” is used in a technical sense—it’s the term for a pickle with a diameter of 19 mm. or less, according to the USDA.