Regular Readers remember we’re weren’t super sad to see the original Nye’s go off into the great barroom in the sky, although the Polonaise was undeniably a local icon. We also weren’t clamoring for a reboot to open on the same block below some new development. But being in the neighborhood Saturday night we had to check out the new spot, right? How can you not? And guess what, it’s totally fine. It’s maybe even better than the old spot, as crazy as that sounds. The smaller bar is nice, the booths still fit a fun amount of people, the service was actually nice, which is a weird fit for Nye’s. The crowd, mostly 40-50 somethings, were having a blast. The quality of singing was just as “good” as the old piano lounge. There wasn’t a long line to sing, either. Drinks were better than what we remember. We can’t believe we’re saying it, but go check it out if you’re looking for a sort of fancy bar for a cocktail.

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