We’ve been proponents of the extremely hard work that Hennepin Theatre Trust and Made Here has been putting into trying to transform Hennepin Avenue in Downtown MPLS into a cultural area—sure, we weren’t crazy about a Bob Dylan mural, but it’s successfully become an important art fixture in the area. And while some areas of downtown continue to have safety problems (to put it mildly), the activation around Hennepin thanks to the Made Here initiative is, frankly, one of the few things we think downtown MPLS currently has going for it.

Here’s another win for Made Here: Tonight they’re debuting a 25-foot vertical garden sculpture that has been installed on the street-facing side of the former Solera building. In addition to a community-made mosaic, there’s three rows of programmable LED lighting frame a living garden. Cool stuff. You can check that out at Made Here’s free 5 to 10 on Hennepin event tonight—there’s going to be the unveiling of the mural, an artist market, street performers, Pros of the Rope Double Dutch Lessons(!), and live music on a pop-up stage that includes the beautiful and moving The Fires of 1918: Fantome Roșu Duo.